Geocaching Buddy

Multi-caches become fun again.

The ultimate tool for the serious geocacher when solving multi-caches, powered by Geocaching Live.
This buddy app will remember every clue found and will calculate any derived clue or new waypoint for you.
Waypoints can be formula's or projections.
Also the final cache formula will be evaluated the moment all clues are found and entered.
It is also able to record you parking spot so you'll be able to return to your car after finding the cache.

Have a look at the quick start guide on

iGCT Pro

A waypoint calculation toolkit

A utility to perform all kind of calculations typically encountered when creating or solving a multi-cache type geocache. Things like simple projection from a waypoint specifying distance and bearing to complicated calculation of the center of a circle running through three given waypoints. Also encryption/decryption using various algorithms, text to number conversion and decimal/binary/roman conversions. Waypoints can be entered in various formats, iGCT Pro will convert it in all the other formats.

Read more in the App Store: iGCT Pro.

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